Sunday, February 27, 2011

Garage sale dresser (Before/After project)

      At a garage sale I spotted an old buffet that had been brush painted dark brown, and used as a dresser.  We settled on a price and I took it home, $25.00  After removing the brown paint, and early American brass hardware, a new color appeared, bright, bright  red. UGH! Not only was the shocking red on the outside, but also inside each cupboard and drawer. Gentle sanding began! I wish I had a picture of the way it looked, but unfortunately, the "before" pic was deleted in error.
      After removing the brown paint and the layer of red, I applied a coat of oil base primer, so that those little wood knots wouldn't bleed through. Next I applied 2 layers of moss green. After that dried, I rag- washed in some hunter green and white color. Once that was done, an accent of brick red was applied to the edges. Then, I scraped tiny bits of color off to reveal under tones. In the final two steps, I applied a light sealer and replaced the knobs and pulls. 

The original hardware
      The dresser has transformed and it's life as a buffet has been restored. I must say, the work was worth it, not to mention addicting, looking forward to reviving another piece headed for the curb.