Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rise 'n' Shine Saturday

     Don't you love walking through fabric shops? This bold pattern was calling me..RELENTLESSLY.  The printed plaid is called Malaga Orchard. I purchased enough to make a new kitchen curtain and tablecloth. After sewing them, I went to work on setting my new table. Pfaltzgraff Pistoulet perfectly matched the colorful plaids and I was thrilled to finally have the right linen to compliment my old stand bys. In fact, the only new thing is the fabric.

The egg holders were a found at a thrift store. The rooster votives were a clerance item at Yankee candle shop.

Saturdays are Make your own Oatmeal mornings! The old rooster tray, part of a set was found for $1.99. It holds the oatmeal, cran- cherries, brown sugar, and cinnamon together and organized for breakfast. Just before eating, more oatmeal mixings are  added; bananas, sliced strawberries, and chopped pecans. We love uncomplicated on Saturdays.


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