Saturday, May 22, 2010

After the rain

Scooby and I found ourselves on the porch, in the midst of family, laughing and discussing how we might spend the 180 glorious Summer Days ahead...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gardening in Spring

Spring is underway! Scooby and I have been busy digging out plants for the Garden Club Plant sale this weekend.So many plants to share..Ostrich Ferns: Sun to Partial shade apx 12-36 inches, Japanese Iris: Sun to Full Shade apx 25 “tall, Gooseneck Loosestrife: sun to shade.. blooms mid to late summer, blooms apx 4 weeks, flowerheads bend…gives the appearance of goose heads willowing in the breeze. Vigorous growth… 2-3 feet tall(One of my favorite mid-late summer plants)Hostas: Part shade to shade… Forget-Me-Nots: Sun to shade, self sown, low to ground. Blue cluster flowers, Yellow Yarrow: Full Sun 24-30” blooms all summer. Don't you just love Pussy Willows: Hardy, grows of the first to greet Spring..loves sun..loves water.
Bee Balm: (Monarda): Full sun to part shade..up to 4ft..blooms July to late August..
Carl Sedum: Pink, Sun to part shade 15-18” blooms summer to mid fall. late-blooming perennial Attracts the season's last butterflies. Autumn Joy Sedum: salmon flowers, drought tolerant ...first bloom pink and later turns to a burnt color, In spring, pinch them back so they do grow so tall and heavy. Pinching them keeps them more compact and less likely to fall down. Shasta Daisy: prefers full sun, 1-3’ tall, Spiderwort: sun…blooms Spring to mid-summer…l2” purple flowers ,Cat Mint: full Sun.. blooms all Summer..purple flower 12” tall,Pink Perennial Geranium: Sun to part sun.. grows in mounds..blooms July-Sept. If you're free Saturday, come for some great plant deals for your Garden!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Attended a Derby Event Saturday. The women all donned in their spring best and hats, genuinely happy to see each lady as she arrived. Warm smiles were greeted with Mint Juleps that were a chilled perfection. Our hosts were a most interesting couple who had torn apart their historic home and restored it brick by brick themselves. Their home is a beautiful mix of 18th century and modern day. In touring through it, I felt as if I could almost hear galloping horses of a time passed and realizing that we were standing in a building that had been built while States were still being created. When the muddy race had ended and te horses were exhausted, no of us had won and noone seemed to mind. The companionship among the guests was grand.