Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How to make yard ghost family

To make the mom ghost and these 8 baby ghosts is simple and easy.
Needs: 1.5 inch pvc pipe (hardware store) cut 8 pcs 36 in lengths and one more piece apx 50inches (for mom ghost)
Mom Ghost is made from an old sheet draped, then covered in a white trash bag due to rainy days
16-  13 gal white trash bags (2 per baby ghost)
several newspapers ,masking tape , scissors
18  rubberbands
Baby ghost head: roll newspaper sheets into balls, continually taping to form round balls apx 9" round
drape first trash bag over head, hold under the ball with a rubberband; this will become the dress.
To make arms, drape the second bag over first bag, again place rubberband in same place to hold dress on. Now cut the front and back of top bag to form 2 arms. Later you will tie the bag ends to each other to look as if they are holding hands. Holding hands also helps support and hold the ghosts together on windy nights.
Insert 36" pvc pole from bottom up into ball to act as a body. Secure ball to pole with masking tape. Take ghosts outside, push poles into soil ; tie hands together as if holding hands. The kids in neighborhood will love them. This year the ghosts circled the tree, but they have been know to just dance in the garden in a straight line.

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