Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter Blog Exchange

I am so egg-cited to share with you a wonderful package I received in the mail! It was from my friend Debbie of:
We were Easter Blog Exchange Buddies at
 Sue's Easter Exchange at  http://suelovescherriesEASTER .  My package arrived with a heartwarming note from my new friend, Debbie. This was my first exchange and I loved it! Debbie really took time to think about what she was sending and I love each item and her generosity! Here is what she sent :
See the Cookie tin? All of these items were carefully packed inside!

Debbie's thoughtful notecard  and very cute chick post a notes..

Kitchen dish towels...

Polka dot ribbon , and spring colored scouring pads., wrapped in purple ribbon..

Here sits the adorable bunny , isn't her bow so cute! She now sits on my desk at work.
I'd like to thank Sue,  ( It's a Very Cherry World) for hosting such a fun exchange. Because this was the first time I have tried an exchange, I was slow on the draw to contact my buddy. Fortunately, she knew what to do and emailed me first. She is Debbie of,  she is a collector of all things vintage, and we both share a love of  "goody barn" shopping. Debbie also enjoys baking.  Truly, it has been a pleasure getting to know Debbie and share in this exchange with her. I couldn't have asked for a more fun exchange partner.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Tweet y" Time Easter Palooza Part3

Aren't they tweet?! Not to mention, they taste tweet too. The next among our family Easter traditions is the making of the Tweeties! Dozens upon dozens, heck a couple hundred easy. Then, I load family baskets, share with neighbors, students and staff. Before you know it, they're gone.
Years decades ago, my mom in law passed her chocolate molds down to me and soon they will become my kid's job :). 

These are Giant candy eyes..our kids get a kick out of these, Homer Simpson Tweeties.

After chocolate sets, lollipops are removed from molds, eyes, hair, and flowers are applied,then bagged and tied with ribbon.

The Bunnies are fun to make too. Anyone know how to properly melt Chocolate Specialty shop chocolate to have it set properly?? 

Last but not least, marshmallow bunnies dipped in chocolate. Use them at you table as place cards, in baskets or, even just sitting among your decor. They add great whimsy and you'll hear plenty of giggles.

I even place them in a clear vase anchored by Jelly Beans and set them out. Stratically positioned at the table to look at the guests , giggles began .

Linking with some of  my favorite blog parties:
The Charm Of Home!

Hoppy Easter, Happy Spring!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Flopsie, Mopsie, and Easter Traditions Easter Palooza part 2

Among our Easter Holiday traditions, I'd like to present Flopsie, Mopsie, and their family. Inspired by an artist on an Easter craft episode of Martha Stewart. ( I am always inspired by all things Martha)  Jennifer Murphy was showing how to make adorable pom animals that she sold on the internet. My daughter, 12 at the time, and I sat down to try it, along with my mom.  Falling in love with them, we have been making our own version ,as part of the easter to-dos ever since. They delight the family, the students at school, and friends who visit us. Try making them Lately I am having trouble locating flat deep blue beads or even seeds for the eyes. Oh!! Can anyone share a source for me to purchase more flat beads for eyes ?

The girls are homemade yarn poms, their clothing are cupcake papers, the rest are craft beads , flowers , and ribbons.

Pom ducks wiggle eyes and orange felt trianles for beak. Orange pipecleaners twisted for feet.

In looking up my inspiration, artist, Jennifer Murphy, I saw there is a how-to lesson on her website site. I hesitate to copy paste it, as I am not sure what can be legally " re blogged".
Happy Spring time everyone! Posing to some of my faves, and a new favorite: 

Friday, March 9, 2012

Pink Saturday

Hi Everyone! Here are my Saturday pinks. Happy Pink Saturday, friends!

Pinks on the hall wall....

Love this lamp found years ago at a Cracker Barrel..the prism colors dance on the wall in the sun.
Pink in the bedroom....

Pinks in my daughter's room...and thats all this week.

Even Mac's toy is Pink.
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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Let's hope it arrived like a lion and goes out like a lamb! Over the weekend it snowed..then within 48 hours, warmed up and disappeared..and daffs are popping up everywhere.

Today it's 60 degrees and all snow is gone.

Scooby loves the snow! Notice the sun pops out, then returns to the clouds.

so happy!
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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kitchen Redo

My husband and I pondered updating our kitchen but, spending  tens of thousands was not feasible. We began to look at options for getting the most out of our budget. We decided to look at what's good in the kitchen and what's not, and how to fit it into our budget. Of coarse a lot of the work would be done on weekends and evenings,  in our spare time. We decided to:
remove the wall paper, replace the light fixtures, and replace the vinyl counter top with Silestone Granite, from Home Depot. Silestone is a nice option. It's quartz material resistant to scratches and stains, interesting the surface is cool. This was the biggest expense.  Replace the sink and fixtures, and freshen up the face of our long counter. Being frugal, our appliances would wait until broken to replace. As luck would have it, only the old stove is still working in good condition. Wehad to replace the refridgerator and dishwasher, and microwave. The tile floor is in good shape, attractive,and functional.
After we removed the wallpaper , select paint colors, and counter top color.  New cabinets are nice, but not in our budget.
Then, we chose tiles for the backsplash and Jeff decided to try tiling it himself.
Former light fixtures and wall paper

Paper removed, time to start the counters.
messy counter!

Old counter and sink

New counter tops and an extension of 1 foot to add stools.


New sink needed to be deeper and one touch faucet to include a water spray and soap dispenser

Counters are on, light fixture leaving to add recessed lightening.

The process continues, back splash tile, lighting, covering unattractive opposite side with beadboard.

Next he added extra support to the extra overhand by adding table legs and last we put up beadboard to give it a facelift!

Back splash tile completed as well as the can lights installed! Ahhh

Then it didn't take me long to add personal touches to Jeff's beautiful work! last I bought fabric to make a little sew curtain and table cloth in plaid.

As I post this, I realize I have to replace the drawer pulls.