Friday, December 31, 2010

The last day of 2010

I could not believe how warm it was when I let Scooby out this morning.  It should be 38 ish degrees, not nearly 70! So we end the year with the promise of a blessed new year, hopeful for peace, happiness, prosperity and especially, good health. I wish that for you and your families too. As the warmth of the day continued to climb, it came as an unexpected surprise. We sat on the porch , with Scooby, this last day of the year. My mind making a list of garden chores as we all sat hatting and laughing over Scooby's antics. For a  pup of 14 years, he still acts as if he is 4, galloping chasing, ready to play. His arthritis never seems to bother him. Scooby is an inspiration.  Happy New Year everyone! 2011!