Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

     The day of love..the day to express yourself to others you love and appreciate. We like to have fun with Valentine's Day, from gifts given to making a special meal. Each year I make about 100 Chocolate Heart lollipops to spread a little appreciation to others. From the clerks in our favorite coffee shop, to coworkers, to our own kids and their college friends, everyone lights up over such a small gesture.
This year I have a special gift for my husband. instead of a "hunny-do" list I made him a jar full of reasons why he is so great. He sat reading each numbered item and was quietly smiling all the way! Try one.
Meantime,  from Scooby and me, Happy Valentines Day, put a little love in your heart!...
 and if cupid doesn't remember your door, pick up some flowers and make yourself happy!