Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Pink Depression Glass Lunch

Pink Depression Glass

Friendship Luncheon

     Depression Glass is transclucent glassware that was made during the Depression Era. Quaker Oats Company even gave a piece away in their boxes of  cereal! They were used as enticements or thank you gifts to a business's customers. Its a translucent colored glass that was proudly made in the U.S.. I would love to open a box of cereal today and take out a glass! Imagine...
Wanting to invite some friends over for lunch, I brought out the pink glass.

The menu:
Roasted Red Pepper Soup
Greens with garlic/raspberry vinaigrette
Chocolate dipped Strawberries
Lime Sherbet w/Knox Blox hearts

Blue strips of paper describe what goes in each piece.

Admittedly the table was depression glass over kill, but it looked better than it photographed.

The photos look more amber than pink, but they are pink :( The tumblers are glasses found at a close out store, not depression era.

The photos look more amber than pink, but it is pink.

beginning to set the table...

Sherbet  glass

tiny glass hearts dotted the table
Food labels placed inside for a quick set up