Friday, March 1, 2013

A 21 Bun Salute! (maybe more...)

Porch Sittin Time for Scooby!

...Getting Ready for Easter part 1

So how do you get ready for Easter or Spring? Of coarse it begins with cleaning..which we'll dispense with right now :) Then a dash to the basement , dust of f the containers marked Easter/Spring and lug them upstairs. It's still too cold for the outdoor bunnies to come out of their nests, but indoors, Bunnies start popping up and taking all over .... Decorating for Easter and Spring is delightful!

This story has been a childhood favorite for a couple generations in our family.

Bunnies...I seem to have amassed quite a collection without intending to...I give plenty away, yet they still find their way into my home. Then again that's what they do best! Right?!

I found these cuties at the dollar store one year and filled my daughter's bed and floor leading to her room just before she returned home from her first year in college.

Name toppers on the cousins' baskets

Another great find, $2.00!

The boxes store these guys in the off season...

Ladies please, this is the Bunny post, peeps are next time!
Shhh this box is loaded with Easter goodies for one of the kids.

OK he was a splurge, but could you resist those eyes?

Bunny to the left is handmade and I'll post that later.

Bunny huudles under a plant....

Not sure what Sir Hawthorne really thinks but he's a good sport.

Serving pieces await the big day.

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