Friday, March 23, 2012

Flopsie, Mopsie, and Easter Traditions Easter Palooza part 2

Among our Easter Holiday traditions, I'd like to present Flopsie, Mopsie, and their family. Inspired by an artist on an Easter craft episode of Martha Stewart. ( I am always inspired by all things Martha)  Jennifer Murphy was showing how to make adorable pom animals that she sold on the internet. My daughter, 12 at the time, and I sat down to try it, along with my mom.  Falling in love with them, we have been making our own version ,as part of the easter to-dos ever since. They delight the family, the students at school, and friends who visit us. Try making them Lately I am having trouble locating flat deep blue beads or even seeds for the eyes. Oh!! Can anyone share a source for me to purchase more flat beads for eyes ?

The girls are homemade yarn poms, their clothing are cupcake papers, the rest are craft beads , flowers , and ribbons.

Pom ducks wiggle eyes and orange felt trianles for beak. Orange pipecleaners twisted for feet.

In looking up my inspiration, artist, Jennifer Murphy, I saw there is a how-to lesson on her website site. I hesitate to copy paste it, as I am not sure what can be legally " re blogged".
Happy Spring time everyone! Posing to some of my faves, and a new favorite: