Saturday, January 28, 2012

50 Reasons of Love

Happy Pink Saturday!
Found this heart at Walgreens, they were 2/$8.00.


A request arrived to ask me to talk about the jar on my Valentine's Day tablescape, delighted to explain. Don't you love this Day? It is the best time to focus on the ones we love and show them; candy, flowers, messages on pillows... and the best gifts are the ones from our heart. This Valentine's Day gift jar for my husband , made last year, has become part of our Holiday decor. He loves it and has read each note over again. The notes inside include messages of his greatness as a father, his faith, our experiences over the last 25 years, his forgiving nature, wisdom, and enduring qualities , and so on...50 was just the starting point for this ongoing project, the jar will have 25 MORE reasons inside this Valentine's Day. It's easy to write them if you think of them in topics. ex: the time he took you fishing, his volunteerisms, driving vacations with kids in the car, the little things that go unnoticed each day...  He 'll be surprised and who wouldn't be happy to read how appreciated for their daily choices to make their family happy. This year I am planning to do something similar for our children (they are in college). While I have the words all put together, I haven't figured out the presentation for them a jar like their fathers or some other idea. Any suggestions?? Happy Valentines Day to you!!

Some have stick figure drawings...