Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kitchen Redo

My husband and I pondered updating our kitchen but, spending  tens of thousands was not feasible. We began to look at options for getting the most out of our budget. We decided to look at what's good in the kitchen and what's not, and how to fit it into our budget. Of coarse a lot of the work would be done on weekends and evenings,  in our spare time. We decided to:
remove the wall paper, replace the light fixtures, and replace the vinyl counter top with Silestone Granite, from Home Depot. Silestone is a nice option. It's quartz material resistant to scratches and stains, interesting the surface is cool. This was the biggest expense.  Replace the sink and fixtures, and freshen up the face of our long counter. Being frugal, our appliances would wait until broken to replace. As luck would have it, only the old stove is still working in good condition. Wehad to replace the refridgerator and dishwasher, and microwave. The tile floor is in good shape, attractive,and functional.
After we removed the wallpaper , select paint colors, and counter top color.  New cabinets are nice, but not in our budget.
Then, we chose tiles for the backsplash and Jeff decided to try tiling it himself.
Former light fixtures and wall paper

Paper removed, time to start the counters.
messy counter!

Old counter and sink

New counter tops and an extension of 1 foot to add stools.


New sink needed to be deeper and one touch faucet to include a water spray and soap dispenser

Counters are on, light fixture leaving to add recessed lightening.

The process continues, back splash tile, lighting, covering unattractive opposite side with beadboard.

Next he added extra support to the extra overhand by adding table legs and last we put up beadboard to give it a facelift!

Back splash tile completed as well as the can lights installed! Ahhh

Then it didn't take me long to add personal touches to Jeff's beautiful work! last I bought fabric to make a little sew curtain and table cloth in plaid.

As I post this, I realize I have to replace the drawer pulls.