Monday, January 20, 2014

Resale goods upcycled Valentines Decor

Upcycling Resale Sweaters..or should I say “vintage” sweaters…

     Upcycling sweaters can be so much fun and when a new resale shop opened I grabbed a few children's sweaters to repurpose for Valentines Day. Uncovering a cotton blend white sweater with very cute knitted rosettes and a red poly blend glitter sweater with ruffled sleeves. Ready to check out, I spotted a cable knit, perfect for the couch pillows I wanted to make. On these extra cold winter days , sweater covered candles seem to warm up the table. 
     Cutting the  ruffled sleeves made  the vase and candle covers. Removing the roses and adding them to the sleeves gave them some extra personality, don't you think? It was a short and fun project that took under an hour to create.
       One thing missing , the couch pillows! I couldn't bring myself to cut that beautiful cable knit, and decided it looked better on me than the couch. Love the resale shoppes!

The rosettes became the embellishment on the candles.

Glittery fabric will make for a cute vase sweater

Sizing and cutting sweater to fit around Bath and Body candle, taking advantage of the ruffle detail.

The taller sweater cozy was a cotton knit that I added a paper heart onto.and in the background a covered vase (same sweater) dogwood branch is set into.

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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year 2014

In 1965 I was walking to school with my friend Mary . We were talking about  the future, we wanted to explore Space, no doubt influenced by the tv show we had watched the nite before, Lost in Space. I couldn't wrap my mind around being 40YEARS OLD one day, much less being alive in a new millenium. Well, we didn't make it to Alpha Centauri but we did make it to the present,  a smidge past 40 :) and getting ready to ring in 2014! Thank you all for just being around for the serious times and the fun times thru our Blogs (Something of it's self a futuristic) My goal is to post more in the New Year. 
May the New Year bring you love, excellent health, and great  happiness! 

Auld lang sine All!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Autumn Photos

                       Autumn Photos from Ohio!

Autumn brings many outdoor things to do.!  Sitting in outdoor cafes, taking in the brisk air, sipping cinnamon spice lattes..reading my favorite collection of Robert Frost poems, could it  get any better? Yes!, by taking a walk in the area woods to view all that this glorious colorful season can bring. We are fortunate to have an extensive park system. Locals  affectionately call the green valley that surrounds Cleveland and outlying areas, The Emerald Necklace. Best of all, I am reminded that the best things in life are free.

More to come....!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Upcycling Wilds from the Garden

Todays crafty moment took me two days to complete, but not because the project assembly takes that much time! Its a quick craft to make..but it involved a hot glue gun. The smallest of slips and well the blisters on my singed fingers had to heal first before I could finish a dried flower wreath.
Begin by collecting and drying lavender, straw flowers, clover, wheat, Blue Salvia, Cockscomb, Sweet Annie...there are no rules! Whatever your garden (or your neighbor's) grows , pick early and dry out.

The statis was purchased as fresh , used in a bouquet, then dried and saved for a Fall wreath. Dried florals are available at craft stores, however I prever to save some money by buying tgem fresh and drying them myself.
Lemon leaves make a perfect base and are available, fresh, at the grocery store.
Wreath and the dreaded hot glue gun.
Adding food coloring to the vase of water intensifyes their colors when the flowers are freshly cut.