Sunday, October 25, 2015

Snippets of Fall 2015

Sauce time is a labor of love but we enjoy doing it. One weekend in September is set aside to make tomato sauce. We could just buy a jar but homemade is always the best and we know what we are eating, no additives or preservatives.  On blustery winter days, we pull a container out and a great pasta dinner is underway. 
Need: Tomato mill, a strong arm, 2 bushes of beautiful, fresh Romas ! Later we'll share fave sauce recipes. 
Wash, remove ends, quarter.
Assemble the "crusher" ( tomato press) Using a mill, this one is called Roma and it bypasses peeling and coring tomatoes. Grandma should have had one! 
Always good to wear an old tee and a cap. Strong arm those little red beauties thru the press. We press 3 x to extract that Roma goodness. 
2 bushels yields apx 80 qts of pressed tomatoes. We have stock pots going on all 4 burners...The juice reduces, thickens and begins to turn into a pure, rich tomato sauce as it simmers on stove, apx 6-8 hours. When done, it cools, then poured into containers and placed in freezer and gives our family great sauce until next summer.  We love to try different sauce recipes, here are a few of our faves:
After grinding 3x, this is the only waste that left and seed! We bought our grinder several years ago and it has made the whole process , even canning tomatoes easier. We bought it from Lehmans Hardware Store, in the heart of Ohio's Amish Country. If you've never visited this old fashioned store, its worth the trip! The salesgirl told us that she feeds those scraps to her chickens and they love it. 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Homemade Bath Salt Gifts

Homemade Gifts: Bath Salt Sundaes

Beating the mid winter blahs...

The adorable idea was a Pinterest find a couple years ago. It reminded me of a favorite Avon  spray I had as a young girl. Anyone remember?   

After sterilizing the glasses, use pinking sheers to cut stock paper and glue to base of glass.

I scoured the resale shops to pick up Ice Cream Soda glassware.  (HINT: refuse to pay more than $0.99) Several shapes but all the same size. I made apx 25 of them for an after work gathering that was hosted by one of our team.

Found these great inexpensive bath loofahs at my favorite discount store. 

*Fill glass with Bath salts, then cover with plastic wrap to help seal in scent and keep from spilling.
*Place bath scrubbie on top, use clear tape to hold in place if necessary.
*Wrap ribbon bow around glass rim.
*Add a Cute paper stripped straw ,you  will have to place a tiny slit in plastic wrap for straw to sink into salts.
*Glue a craft store cherry to the top of the scrubbie. (using glue dots really helps.)
 *Finally, I added a label  to tell my co workers what was in the bath salts. Free labels are available for printing . I have used  LIAGRIFFITH.COM on projects, and have made my own as well.

Bath Salt Recipe:
5 lb bag Epsom Salts
4 C Sea Salt
1.5 tsp Rosemary Essential oil (food grade)
1.5 tsp Eucalyptus        "
1,75 tsp Lavender         "
Glass Bowl* to mix oils and salts. * Plastic can absorb the essential oils and metal bowls can react to the oils.
I suggest starting with less oil and add as needed. I should say that while the health benefit claims of essential oils have not been evaluated by the government, I have been using them for decades in our baths for aches, colds, stuffiness, etc, and find that they are a great homeopathic to treating symptoms related to aches, stress, colds....
Next tie a ribbon

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Pink Depression Glass Lunch

Pink Depression Glass

Friendship Luncheon

     Depression Glass is transclucent glassware that was made during the Depression Era. Quaker Oats Company even gave a piece away in their boxes of  cereal! They were used as enticements or thank you gifts to a business's customers. Its a translucent colored glass that was proudly made in the U.S.. I would love to open a box of cereal today and take out a glass! Imagine...
Wanting to invite some friends over for lunch, I brought out the pink glass.

The menu:
Roasted Red Pepper Soup
Greens with garlic/raspberry vinaigrette
Chocolate dipped Strawberries
Lime Sherbet w/Knox Blox hearts

Blue strips of paper describe what goes in each piece.

Admittedly the table was depression glass over kill, but it looked better than it photographed.

The photos look more amber than pink, but they are pink :( The tumblers are glasses found at a close out store, not depression era.

The photos look more amber than pink, but it is pink.

beginning to set the table...

Sherbet  glass

tiny glass hearts dotted the table
Food labels placed inside for a quick set up 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Piggy Bread Easter/Spring

Piggy Bread!

Prior to holidays we’re so busy getting ready, that I tend to post after the event…

Piggy Bread!

Piggy Bread, my version of an idea featured on Stehanie's fun blog: Girl Vrs Dough seen on Pinterest.  Creators of the piggies come from blog PASS THE COCOA (Caroline and Monica)They are stuffed with either a piece kielbasa or Italian sausage. Check out the real piggies on  at either blog. Ladies: Thank you from my whole family!!

Purchase Rhodes Frozen dinner rolls. Coat muffin tin with Pam and place one roll in each muffin slot , cover with damp towel, let rise apx 1 hr. Once risen, set aside apx two rolls to make the eyes, ears, and tail.
Take 1 dough ball, pat in palm of hand add a piece of precooked sausage to center, then wrap up to close in the sausage. Place on greased cookie sheet ,  belly side down. cover body in a light egg wash. allow egg wash to dry a couple minutes. Next cover again with the damp towel so that the dough does not dry out.
Begin  shaping the snout, ears, and tail. Push
 peppercorns in dough to set the area for the eyes. once snouts are made hold in place with toothpicks.Shape triangle ears ,add a  curly tail.  Bake 350 degrees for apx 12 minutes . Below I followed the Pinterest instructions and baked for 15 minutes but they were a bit dark in my oven, so I lessened the time to 11 minutes. (second pic below) The piglets are hard on the outside and so tender inside!

This was so easy and fun! Coarse they look like the "home" version of what we see on Pinterest lol!  

Easter Table: This year's table was a mix of "treasures" I've collected. 

Mix and match table..

Green water glass and egg holder found at closeout store. 

Aren't the bunnies sweet?

Mikasa French Countryside is topped with stripped plastic plates , topped by egg plates, topped by tiny bunny plates. all but the Mikasa were found at closeout stores and craft shops.

Like the show says..From Trash to Treasure!

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