Monday, April 17, 2017

Piggy Bread

Easter 2017 

Piggy Bread

Piggy Bread, my version of an idea featured on Stehanie's fun blog: Girl Vrs Dough.  Creators of the piggies are from blog PASS THE COCOA (Caroline and Monica)Very cute!
 Piggies are stuffed with breakfast sausage, kielbasa, or Italian sausage.

 My family and friends love these easy to make rolls!
Cook your fave sausage, allow to cool.

 Rhodes Dinner rolls (frozen dept of local store) Cooked sausage. Peppercorns for eyes. Egg white for wash. Toothpicks
Rise dough balls in greased muffin tins cover with sprayed plastic wrap, per pkg instructions. Make a round patty of dough in your palm. Place sausage inside and pull up ends of dough to seal. Save a small amout dough to make ears, curly tail, and snout.  Place snout on face area, use toothpics to hold .See pic below  Ears are small shaped triangles. They will stick to the body. Place peppercorns for the eyes, ans roll a tiny curly tail. Add to backside.  Gently egg wash the dough. Bake 350 apx  14 minutes. Cover and  Refrigerate any leftovers. Reheat 10-15 seconds in microwave. 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Spring Table Blues are gone!

 Hospital Volunteer Thank you Luncheon

First: Thank you everyone who so generously took the time to offer suggestions for the tablescape improvement. I printed each one and worked the table with them until I finally ended with this...I really loved all the ideas and as you can see, used most of them! 

I added the suggestion of vines and flowers, now everyone has something to look at.

Note how plain it is? What can I do?

After your suggestions:

The table: 
Mikasa French Countryside 
 Inexpensive hand painted water glasses

Gazing balls were placed in the center with a message that today love is reflected in each them.   The Bunny stopped by and left jelly beans discretely, giving everyone a chuckle. Handmade " tweeties" were a take away for each of them.

I found this tiny milk glass bunny last weekend in Amish country. In the background,  a cd of bird songs is playing softly .

I added the suggestion of vines and flowers, now everyone has something to look at.

Mixing chairs was necessary, but looks fine.

Night time with candles lit. Another view of the layered table cloths a bit easier in this light.  The bottom is a flat twin sheet and the top  is a an inexpensive sheer striped curtain fabric remnant found in a bin at a fabric shop. Really helps bring up the blues.

The menu : 
Mixed Greens with sliced strawberries and Poppyseed Dressing
Roasted Chicken Salad mini croissants
Lemon Pound Cake w/Strawberry Sauce
Fruity wines 

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Easter Table

Easter Table

Between an early Easter and family birthdays,  my Easter postings are late, my apologies for my tardiness! Easter is probably my favorite holiday because, no gifts to stress over, and it affords me the time to be creative . I enjoy making individualized baskets, making chocolates, which this year has just become a little business!! Stunned over the fact that friends want to purchase them! what?!

The more the merrier! As the number of last minute friends with no plans grew, and a mix of tableware and placemats had to be changed. The table was simple this year. made yellow stripped napkins and yellow dotted hot pads then added a solid yellow paper napkin as well.  

Happy Birthday Roger & Happy Easter 2016!
March 27

Bunny Bellinis
Baked Ham Sammies
Macaroni Salad
Spice Pasta
Fresh Veggie Platter
Devilled Eggs
Rosemary Chicken Salad Croissants
White Raspberry Cake
Butter Finger Pie

Table set ! Menu , served buffet style is:

Added flower mini lites to center piece
Tiny lites are buried in wreath to pop at nite.

waiting for the deviled eggs..

Tweetie suckers on the table, Easter baskets are hidden...
for all the family and friends 

Bunny Belinis served...

 making Bunny (peach) Bellinis
Pitcher: Glasses with Bunny Peeps  (Bellini is much like a Mimosa)
1 Bag Frozen Peaches,
1c canned or fresh peaches
1 grated lemon skin
11/2 c Peach Schnapps
2/3 c simple syrup vanilla flavored
1c crushed ice blend til thick.
place a couple T. to bottom of glass, add Prosecco, or any sparkling wine.

Posting with my faves....

Sunday, April 3, 2016

More Winter?!! Happy April!

Last Sunday , Easter, it was 70 degrees!
Quick share of the weather change....a morning hike in the Metro parks that surround the City...
We went from this crisp, sunny morning

 Blue skies, Puffy clouds
 Ducks Preening...

 ....TO THIS!!  poor buds on trees and flowers..
but there is beauty and silence in the snow.