Monday, August 29, 2011

Teacup Tuesday!

Hooray!! I have been given  a few more teacups this week. I can continue to participate! woot woot!!
This teacup is a teacup with yellow roses and a bit of pink in the center. Very pretty..It reminded me of Queen Elizabeth's Royal wedding ensemble.
 It's a Royal ascot, "Genuine Bone China" England. What goes better with this than a review of our favorite Royal Wedding hats... My favorite was Queen Elizabeth in her beautiful lemon-butter yellow ensemble. The roses on the wide brim, so pretty!


Just stunning and so full of grace.

Princess Eugenie: we have all seen this one, and heard the many jokes , but I love hersense of fun! Selling her hat for over $130k makes her a brilliant marketeer and business women.

Tara Parker Tomlinson, that royal blue was beautiful.
Designer and singerVictoriaBeckham

Royal Wedding Unusual Hats Kate William miriam gonzalez durantesn Royal Wedding Unusual HatsGonzales Durante,wife of Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg

and I will end with the best, the sophisticated, graceful, royal bride Kate Middleton and her brave , caring prince, Prince William.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Look! Real Men do wear PINK! HAPPY PINK SATURDAY!

In June, a PINK fire truck rolled into a local spot to bring help raise funds and bring more awareness to breast cancer. Nationally firemen are coming out in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. They are wearing Pink tee shirts, driving Pink fire trucks, and even walking in Pink heels. They are using their own personal time to achieve their goal of raising funds for research to find a cure.
Many visitors have signed the pink truck in honor of someone who has suffered from breast cancer. What a Happy Pink Saturday!

50 Summer To -Do's List

Summertime 50+ to dos!
      Summer rocks! Inspired by Mamakat and challenged by my new friend, Amber at Amberly Adventures , here's Scooby's and my bucket list of 50 things I want to do this Summer. Some are already accomplished! Try making yours! Happy Summer!
**Updated list is coming along.

1) Add more sand to my collection
2) Discover antique stores
3) Give Scooby a summertime bath
4) Visit my BF in Buffalo
5) Make Strawberry Jam
6 )Walk 100 miles and  Scooby 7 miles
7) Float...Swim
8) Visit an art gallery
9)Host a blog giveaway
10) Practice random acts of kindness
11) Send more happy mail. (thanks Amber)
12) Make one fab  BBQ and invite friends to chow
13) Host Game Nights with the kids
14) Celebrate 4th July, see fireworks.
15) Read 3 books  Update read several more... 
Barefoot Contessa Family Style Cookbook
16) Solve my blogging issues   continues....:(
17) Continue making family tree Ongoing!
18) Mint sweet tea every week.
19) Refinish the writing desk
20) Romantic dinner on porch Coming up on anniversary! SHHH!
21) Take mom on a daytrip
22) Visit the beach  St. nice!
23) Visit the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
24) Pray more
25) Treat my toes to a pedicure
26) Plant something in the school yard
27) Give blood
28) Take jam to the neighbors
29) Try a new cocktail
30) Play Pickleball
31) Host a Whiney Wednesday
32) Blow Bubbles
33) Organize my closet & kids' closet donate
34) Rainy Day splash in a puddle
35) Make ice cream and Fruity Pops!
36) Play Putt Putt
37) Go to Garage Sales, Antique shops
38) Get some sun       OUCH, Not what I meant!
39) Listen to waves, rain, wind,
40) Feed the Hummingbirds
41) Make more Lavender products
42) Sing in the car, windows down
43) Blog more
44) tag with Scooby
45) Call co-workers for coffee
46) Invite a friend over for lunch  Hosted the girls for tea;theme "American Girls".more in another blog
47) Release, affirm, be happy
48) Practice Photo shop attempting!
49) Sprinkle wild flower seeds in a field
50) Practice Yoga...Scooby- Doga  continuing as is Scooby!
51) Mulch yard, complete garden under window
52) Plant tomatoes,peppers, and Pumpkins
53) Attend Reunion  missed due to tooth ache
54)Make Strawberry Jam and share with neighbors and family
55) Attend a Garden Walk attended several!
56) Make a special baked item every week then share with others.
57) Family Pool Parties
58)Learn 3 new summer salads
59) Have a Summer Tea
60) Remove bathroom wallpaper    working at it :(whew!

Add eat a whole steak to my list!

Ahhh Peddies...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Teacup Tuesday

 this is my last Teacup to share.
my cupboard of newbies is bare.
I don't know what to do to keep playing with you...
maybe my pots will allow me more a few more spots
hopefully, I'll be back next Tuesday, meantime, my last cup is teal with pink paeonies
Hand Painted"  from Japan, made by Chugai China.