Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer Garden 2012

A welcomed  summer rain
This is the before garden , we took out trees and
 added a lot of plants plus changed trim color to blue

I love Roses and these ever bloomer Knock Out Roses do not disappoint
I had to try her, she is a climber, scented, and thornless/ Zephirine Drouhine
Scooby looking out over the Lavender and Boxwoods
Clematis peering over the fence
 Lavender, Tickseed, and Yarrow greet visitors
Lambs Ears,Mums, and Sedum  filling in

The Garden : Easily I can break the budget buying plants for our garden and when someone gives me the right plant, well, I am ecstatic. I go crazy at local plant sales, and when I am on vacation, I try to visit garden centers.  Sadness arrives when frost, drought, and other weather conditions  affect the plant's health. Anger arrives as the Japanese Beetles, slugs, etc attack my roses, plum bushes, and mock orange. Last summer, was the worse I've seen for  Beetle Invasion. While this year's drought had obvious disadvantages, there were a few benefits; fewer mosquitoes and Japanese Beetles were lessened. We saw our yard frog more often, as he was probably looking for water, and it was easier to keep up with trimming and weeding.
Shasta Daisies and Stella D'Oro near the lampost
Plenty of Lavender, cut and shared with neighbors
Our resident frog looking at Scooby
Sunbathing and watching Scooby too.
and Scooby watching them!
Roses, Peonies, Bachelor Buttons, Irises
Hydrangeas and ferns creeping out from under the Weeping Cherry

Joining the Garden Party at Fishtail Cottage and

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