Wednesday, August 8, 2012

25 Dates for 25 Years

 Celebrating our 25th Anniversary 2012

Loved our backyard reception , everything was done by our talented, generous family; from food to flowers, to rentals. That cake not only looked good, it tasted good. The 2 side heart cakes were for our parents.
 In August, my husband and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. The years have flown by and except for some creaky joint and insistant gray hair, neither of us can believe how much time has passed! As our Silver Anniversary approaches, we kicked around the idea of getting away..maybe the ocean, in the Carolinas somewhere. However, as summer unfolded we realized we had to change our much anticpated plans because of our dear sweet aging dog Scooby. He is 17 now and just too old to have someone care for him in our absence, or us be away too long, in he needs us. After all, he is a four- legged family member (save that for another post)

 Still 25 years is a big deal and it only comes once! The first 25 has brought us so many gifts, the biggest is the birth of our children. Job improvements, modest travel, a home, family celebrations and Holidays...Special plans will call for more creativity. Then it came to me, why not recognize each year with one special date, that means 25 special dates to to plan! It took some planning and a wonderful evening of reminescing to plan our 25 dates. Here is what we have planned to are some of our 25 dates celebrating 25 years:
  1. Friends/Family get together , a BBQ/Swim to thank them for being there for us then.

2. Romantic BnB get away night (our son has agreed to watch Scooby)I'll post this later
3. See the Cleveland Museum of Art, followed by romantic dinner in Little Italy (our honeymoon included the Smithsonian Museums)
4.Sunset picnic at the Lake (reliving our second date)
5. Late nite deck dinner and midnight swim under the full moon
6. Go bowling with another couple, (where we first met)
7. Driving and hiking in the country.
8. Johnny Carson Dvd Evening (we never missed his show)
9. Day trip to Rock Hall of Fame and follow the new Painted Guitars Tour
10. Snuggle watching old 60's Sci Fi Movie
11. Candlelite Porch Dinner and exchange our " love you because.." lists
12. Take a country drive and visit an Amish Farm( admire the lifestyle)

13. Ride the Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls
14.  Spend an afternoon at a winery
Toured Breitenbach Cellars
 had lunch on their patio, weather was perfect. Jeff's fave was their Blackberry wine and mine was the Reisling,in the beautiful blue bottle, perfect for Summer.

15. Stargazing ( reliving our first date)

(courtesy the While our viewing looked like this, we didn't take this beautiful photo. We actually viewed the Milky Way and the beginning  Perseid Showers.
16.Another Friends/Family get together , a BBQ/Swim to thank them for being there for us then.(getting everyone together at once is impossible, except for a wedding lol)
17. Taking in an afternoon movie, usually an impossiblity due to work.
18. Take in the Imax Theatre at the Great Lakes  Science Ctr
19. Explore the Cleveland Museum of Art

Amazing gallery and FREE!

20. Spend an afternoon at the Botanical Gardens (my fave date spot so far)

21. Take a drive to Lake Ontario
22. Stopping by a pick your own fruit farm apples anyone?!
23. Arrange a dinner out with our kids and share our albums
24. View 3 more astronomical events together
25. Promise List of next 25 years!
So, our 25 dates have begun, the ones in blue letters, we have already been on..our plans are simple, not much different than dating, with one exception , they are focused on the fun it's been for 25 years. I'll continue to update our dates as we celebrate beautiful 25 years.
If you have any memories or ideas, please share!

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