Saturday, August 18, 2012

Teatime Date

My neighbor is a very talented ,creative person. Earlier in the day, she threw a shower for her dear friend's grand daughter and offered some of her treats for my husband and I to enjoy. This was a perfect opportunity for another date to celebrate our 25 beautiful years. Yep ,he was going to take late afternoon tea. Pulling out some of my treasured depression glass, elbows up! This green vaseline depression glass was made in Cambridge ,Ohio. It is called Decagon because of it's 10 sides . It was my mother's and before that, her best friend's mother's.
The mini muffins are carrot and a lemon poppyseed. The dessert treats include a lemon custard in phillo and topped with a candied peel, gnash brownie with tiny delicate chocolate leaves, an almond cheesecake, and a pecan tassie pressed into a delicately pressed graham crust.
A pot of Earl Gray and we enjoyed teatime together. He admitted that ,"this time honored ladies tradition could grow on me!"
It was great to stretch his horizons about our sensibilities as ladies!:) posting to :