Saturday, April 4, 2015

Spring Tablescape Easter Palooza part 4

Happy Easter!  A Previous post Come to the table...

As we get ready to have our friends and family over for Easter dinner, we want our tables to be beautiful for our family and friends. Easter is a great time to add whimsy to the table. over the past several years I , too, have jumped on the Peep fun.

changing napkins to Robin's egg blue...

I  feel the need to share that I am a collector of all things inexpensive..goody barns..flea markets..garage sales...based on Spring table theme : more about color

I'm always searching for inexpensive , creative ways to cover the table. This find was so pretty but didn't show in the pics....I used a white cotton sheet for the underside. I found 2 large pieces of decorator ribbon  fabric  used for sheers. It was priced as pennies on the yard at Joann's. I matched up the 2 pieces and you'd have to look to find it!

And this year's menu:
Happy Easter 2015!
April 5th
Baked Ham Sammies
Potato Salad
Veggie Tray
Devilled Eggs
Mandarin Salad
Strawberries & Pineapple for dipping in Chocolate

A blessed Easter to all of you !

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