Friday, April 10, 2015

Peep a Pallooza

The Joy of Spring! Happy Easter! 
           Peep-a- pallooza!

 Does anything say the Easter Bunny is coming more than when those little marshmallow Peeps and Bunnies start showing up in the stores? Spring is a whimsical time at our house and Peeps and Bunnies are at the heart of it ! There are so many ideas floating out there. Here are a few I have tried.
Peeps 2012: Every guest went home with their own jar of Peeps and jelly beans.
The glass jars are recycled candle jars with lids

2013 added Peeps in a frame...
3-d FRAME:I had to take a bite  That year Chocolate dipped peeps were in handfuls waiting in vases to go home with Easter guests.

Those peeps show up everywhere! chocolate dipped and rolled in sprinkles don  the plants

2015 Peeps took on their own personalities...
Melting Chocolate wafers arrived in all sorts of colors for Spring!

Cake decorations and candy eyes give character! 

Happy Easter!  Happy Spring!