Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mason Jars

     Reaching for the cinnamon to sprinkle on Sunday's French Toast gave me the idea to share some ideas on using Mason Jars.  Over the years we've stored buttons, matches, tacks, seeds, sewing needles, and even a fallen baby tooth patiently waited for the tooth fairy to arrive.  We 've hung them in the backyard tree , along with babyfood jars, with a votive inside to gently add a little light while we swung under them. Do you remember catching fireflies in them?
    Mason Jars are timeless, treasures that hold little stories all of their own.  Fun fact: They were invented in 1858 by John Landis Mason. While he didn't invent the glass canning jar, he did improve upon it by designing the jar and lid with threads, eliminating the need to seal preserved foods in wax. Thus his jar became known as the Mason jar.
Gifts for the girls : homemade , homegrown lavender bath salts.
Cranberry Basil Jelly, made from cranberry juice and fresh basil leaves were gifts I took to my High School Reunion last summer. The jars were covered in gingham checks, raffia, and old buttons.

Strawberry Jam decorated in the same manner..yellow gingham checks and dots, tied with bakery cord. 

Sliced and ready to eat strawberries. Food prepping made easy and attractive.

Low cal. Vanilla pudding cups topped with blueberries are covered and ready for a gathering. They are great for fridge stacking and travel well to the lake for a picnic. Above the same dessert, lid removed and topper added.

Chai mixes for the college gang's late nite study sessions.

July 4th Family outing, the jam was a hit.