Saturday, June 14, 2014

Brunch with Friends

Inviting friends over for Brunch is just what we needed and admittedly,  I love to do it. Over the years we morphed from a book club to the group we seem to be now, "the Spa Girls"  We try to get together every 4-6 weeks for giggles and sometimes tears. Often the good local spots are crowded, making conversation a challenge, or  wait to get a seat or are hustled out once the fork hits the table. Home entertaining is perfect.

I chose Blue settings for sense of peace the color emotes, since it was close to Memorial Day, a splash of red
with Poppies, and the cute pinwheels are just fun,

We celebrated one friend's birthday and another who had accepted a new, important position.The frame was a present for her new job.

The menu: mini artichoke quiche, with field greens, fillo filled tastings, yogurt with granola and raspberries 

Making lists, prepping, and mis en place makes for a hassle free time for the hostess.
Below fillo cups filled with: 1) chicken salad, 2)hazelnut cream cheese topped with apricot jam, and 3) blackberries atop a dollop of light whipped topping.

Artichoke and spinach quiche can be purchased at Panera Bread!

Small tastings has become so popular. These glasses, a gift from my my mother in law are filled with low fat yogurt , granola, and a raspberry sauce.

A gift to each guest has a relaxation theme. Tiny foot spa, summer scented waxes, antibacs, and a clever pillow toss for their desks.