Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Celebrating America! (Table Tops)

Happy Birthday America!

Getting Ready to Celebrate July 4th part4

Getting ready for July 4th is as much fun as Christmas for me, maybe more. It's Summertime fresh, and no stress. Communities gather to celebrate a patriotic holiday beginning the day with a Parade, one filled with children proudly riding their crepe paper strewn  bicycles, marching bands playing our favorite pat tunes, even dogs donning homemade Statue of Liberty and Uncle Sam outfit. All of the Day's festivities culminated by viewing breath taking fireworks over the lake. I'ts a wonderful, relaxing day and I love getting ready for it.
 The vibrant colors of Red, White, and Blues are so welcoming and bright. Creating a few  patriotic vignettes help get everyone in the mood. Off to set the table, jar some strawberry jam, make the menu (I love to plan things..) and select the music.

Flower basket with silk cabbage rosses, strawberries, and traspberries.

On a Summer family vacation we carefully carried home these little Starfish which now take a stand for Independance. At Christmas they return to our Christmas tree along with other family treasures.

A handle and wheels added to a pop bottle wooden case makes a great wagon!

Ready for the July 4th parade, going in style.

A garland of hand sewn stars adds a nice touch. I found them at 10,000 Villages.

Craft box, painted and a candle stick lamp drilled thru the top made a great lamp.

This is Col. Waller, who is always ready to celebrate Independance.

Silk wreath made with ranaculous, lavender, ivy, and status.

Love red glass... see my daughter's cat? I love to decorate with all their childhood masterpieces.

Happy July 4th, we're ready for the Parade!

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