Saturday, June 1, 2013

Early Summer Garden

Early summer is when my roses love me back the most. Like the petit reynard in Le Petit Prince, I wait and anticipate the arrival of buds. Then I know the rose buds are just around the corner. By May the buds are opening to release a fragrance that wafts through the warm air.

The backside of the fence and the climber is a rugosa. Its been perfect weather conditions for her this year. Several under plantings of clematis have also proved to be good neighbors . Plus as they grow up thru the rose stems, they offer color when roses are rejuvenating themselves.
Japanese Irises compliment her color and get along well as neighbors.Below, Peonies are a great pairing in bouquets. Plus, who doesn't love their scent.

 Everyone should place banana peels in their soil around the base of the rose plant. The sent is wonderful!

Zephirine Drouhine thornless, fragrant, even tolerates shade

Sniff her..Ahhhhhhh

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