Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hey Cleveland!

Cleveland Today! An ongoing, work of beauty in progress
 Today's pics are about places in my town..Cleveland. Think you know Cleveland? Look again. Those old jokes and nicknames about the industrial, steel making cities of the Northeast; Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Buffalo.. have been put to rest.
Often we take our cities for granted and there is so much beauty to recognize and appreciate.

Fountain?/Pool?/Aquarium?/|It's the entrance to the Cleveland Clinic. The Cleveland Clinic, world class health care for everyone.

Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Severance Hall ,home of The Cleveland Orchestra. Severance Hall ,winter home of The Cleveland Orchestra. Under the direction of the inciteful and talented leader, Franz Wesler Most.  Clevelanders have the good fortune of being able to attend their amazing , uplifting, sold out performances. 

Severence Hall, one of the World's most beautiful concert halls, displays several design styles inside, from Classic to Modern to Art Deco and still provides state of the art sound quality for the concert goers enjoyment! A tribute to the many decades of patrons who continue to see the need for generous support. 

Peter B Lewis Bldg on the Case Western University Weatherhead School of Business deigned by Frank Gehry

Sunset over Lake Erie begins...a drive along the shoreline never disappoints commuters.

Cleveland Clinic Downtown  Campus

Great  Lakes Science Museum on the shores of Lake Erie and wind turbine

Skyline view is breathtaking!