Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Deliver some Mother's Day Surprises

  Mini cupcake are just plain cute! Only a couple bites to leave you satisfied, plus they're so fun to create and decorate.Packaging them up can be easy by going to a party store that sells inexpensive  to go boxes for mini cupcakes.  This week, why not make some to celebrate the moms at work , teachers , a local food pantry to tuck some into food baskets.. or send 1/2 a dozen around to your neighbors...I plan to make several dozen and deliver them to the "unexpecting" moms I know.
                                  Happy Mother's Day!! Huggs!!

Lemon iced with a lime curd (tart)

Strawberry filled Lemoncake with creme cheese icing

Orange Iced Devil's food filled with orange creme

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