Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Tweet y" Time Easter Palooza Part3

Aren't they tweet?! Not to mention, they taste tweet too. The next among our family Easter traditions is the making of the Tweeties! Dozens upon dozens, heck a couple hundred easy. Then, I load family baskets, share with neighbors, students and staff. Before you know it, they're gone.
Years decades ago, my mom in law passed her chocolate molds down to me and soon they will become my kid's job :). 

These are Giant candy eyes..our kids get a kick out of these, Homer Simpson Tweeties.

After chocolate sets, lollipops are removed from molds, eyes, hair, and flowers are applied,then bagged and tied with ribbon.

The Bunnies are fun to make too. Anyone know how to properly melt Chocolate Specialty shop chocolate to have it set properly?? 

Last but not least, marshmallow bunnies dipped in chocolate. Use them at you table as place cards, in baskets or, even just sitting among your decor. They add great whimsy and you'll hear plenty of giggles.

I even place them in a clear vase anchored by Jelly Beans and set them out. Stratically positioned at the table to look at the guests , giggles began .

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Hoppy Easter, Happy Spring!