Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Visitors

Spring has brought many visitors to our are some of our guests..Jopining the fun at Outdoor Wednesdays.


  1. Oh, I love you backyard visitors. They are so adorable. I am so impressed with the photos. I wish I could get those closeups. My hands get shaky when I try to get up close. What kind of duck is that. Is it a mallard? I really don't know my ducks and to have a nest of eggs. that would be awesome. .
    Thanks so much for visiting my garden. Unfortunately it's minus the lively babies. We do have birds, but I want ducks. Sooooo sweet. Hugs, Ginger

  2. Oh had some wonderful visitors! Did the mourning doves build a nest on your wreath? I have a pair that nest in the same place every year!Love the ducks...are those their eggs?

  3. Your yard looks a lot like mine. Lots of cute critters! Always makes for an fun spring.


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