Thursday, January 27, 2011


After Christmas, our family, siblings, parents, children, neices, nephews, etc get together to have one last gift opening. The gifts must be the worst one you can find. Wrapped up..some more cleverly disquised than others to confuse or entice its selesction. The gifts are placed under the tree, then all gather in a circle to begin the exchange. First person chooses one from under the tree,  then one by one gifts are chosen until they are all gone. Nothing can be opened until everyone has had the chance to exchange with someone. Stealing away a gift is permitted, and adds to the excitment. Finally, the gifts are unwrapped and the expressions, and laughter just fill the house. Great way to end the Holidays. Some of my favorites moments were: a 15 yr old nephew getting a Hannah Montana Jr. Beauty Kit, another nephew (in college) opened a plastic yard raccoon statue..He loved it and it became the mascot for the house he and roommates had. My alltime favorite is a wooden cow that was part of an art project one of the kids made. Donning a Santa hat, it greets arriving family at our front door over the Holiday season...
Whats the funniest gift you've received" What did you do with it?


  1. My family does the same knd of exchange. That cow is the best tho! Where did you get it? Enjoyed your blog.

  2. Hello Annon! Don't be afraid to join Blogger. The cow was a surprise from my nephew the artist. :)


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