Sunday, February 11, 2018

Tying the Knot… part 1

After much consideration we chose silk arrangements to center the reception table Lanterns.
The wedding colors are periwinkle and pale peach. Altho the pic does not show the truest colors in the arrangements. (Lanterns are the best deal at Ikea.)

Tying the Knot…
       This summer we're celebrating a wedding, our daughter's! As DYI ers, all the traditions,  all the love, all the work; we're enjoying  the journey. Planning: There's a beginning point , the big picture that the happy couple laid out for us, and as married couples know, the many changing paths that lead to beautiful send off at the end of their Big Day. 
 This will be my journal of one mother of the Bride.  
      Understanding roles is key to a happy journey. As the parents of the bride, our roles are to support the couple's ideas and dreams, not over step or demand. Sometimes it means  shopping for the best deals, running interference for the many well intended ideas, making phone calls, favors, sometimes just being there to listen. Sometimes it means drying both our tears as we share that special afternoon when she walks out of the dressing room in the perfect wedding dress. 

Twenty table wreaths begin with 3.

Six done, 14 to go..Ivy, hydrangeas, ranunculus, baby's breath, peonies, etc on grapevine wreaths.

...and now 20, all completed, all different. Hmm looking at this makes me think they could use a spray for a little shine. 
Fresh flowers for the entire wedding was our first choice and take far less time to create. However, the just cost of  wet floral wreath rounds really adds up. The risk of fresh florals not arriving in perfect condition, etc..Plus, flower arranger, aka MOB,(me), will have plenty of other details to do  those few days leading up to the wedding. the Bridal table, bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages,  cake table, etc..will be fresh. Silks will be given as remembrances to some family and friends. 💜