Saturday, July 13, 2013

Pillar and Post Spa ..Girls Day Out

The Pillar and Post Inn and Spa, girls day out!

My best friend  and I meet up once a year  to spend some time together, reminisce, laugh, and catch up on life now. For the past several years, we choose a Spa retreat. This year we chose The Pillar and Post Inn and Spa, in Ontario, Canada.

In the very late 1800s The Pillar and Post Inn was a canning factory. Regionally grown peaches and tomatoes were procepssed there. At the start of WWI , it housed and trained Polish soldiers to prepare for battle. Later the brick building was revived and renovated to become the start of the beauty that it is today. Stepping inside you see the warmth and old English style detailing, I must say, I became immersed in it's charm.

Exquisitely hand carved wooden piano.
Terra-cotta floors are a reminder of the historic presence within.

A spot for dining al fresco

This foyer separates the sitting area from the Inn's rooms and Spa area. It also leads to an outdoor patio and pool. Look at those beautiful terra cotta tiles on the floor. 

This amazing carved wood craftmanship is found throughout the Inn. Due to a glitch in our appointment scheduling, we decided to have lunch here in the Vintage Wine Bar and Lounge. The menu featured local wines, produce , and dairy. Our food was delicious and the atmosphere was so relaxing! Can I also say just how friendly the staff in the pub are!

There were a couple of beautiful spots that I thought would make a lovely spot for a wedding. As we sat catching up, a couple to be sat down to discuss their wedding plans right here. 
That garland is live roses and hydrandea.

Thats me in the glass door reflection. Time to head inside to begin our Spa experience at the 100 Fountain Spa.

Notice the glass panels behind the nail stations? Typical nail care rooms are designed in a sleek, black and chrome look. However this Spa has taken a different path in design and feels very relaxing, less sterile. There is water running down the glass..The  choice to use Earth tones, natural stone,and running water is a visually relaxing. 
The attention to detail is what we found set this Spa apart from others. Notice the towels, chairs and set ups awaiting the next guests. One advantage of the appointment mix up, which was handled very professionally and politely, is that we may caught a break in the day and I could take a few pictures without being intrusive. When we arrived early in the day, the Spa was packed with guests.

These happy toes are getting a moisturizing treatment with warm up booties. The staff was professional, knowledgeable , and quite welcoming and  I have a certain expectation in the customer service dept.! :), they did not disappoint! We enjoyed our visit to Canada, it was a great time for two friends celebrating 40 years of friendship.