Sunday, January 27, 2013

Family Time!

Family Time! Idea inspired from Good Housekeeping Magazine

I Iike wall art to have personal meaning. I'm not fond of buying stuff for the sake of filling a wall, on the other hand, walls full of family photos can date the house and make me feel like I'm in Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyworld:)..eyes following you as you move about..etc..Unfortunately this leaves me with blank walls...sigh..but -once in a while something strikes me....

Making a family clock.
Here is the original I saw in Good Housekeeping Magazine

Fall Decorating Ideas - Decorating for Fall - Good Housekeeping Magazine
 In looking through this older issue of Good Housekeeping magazine, there was a how- to make a clock from pictures.You can view it from their Fall Decorating Idea Section.
"Show off some of your clan's favorite moments with this clever DIY wall clock. Gather 13 frames, sizes 2" by 3" to 4" by 6" (unify mismatched frames with spray paint), 12 photos, a clock kit (from a crafts store), and white paper and cardboard (to hide clock mechanism). Pop snapshots into 12 frames. Take out remaining frame's glass; use it to cut cardboard and paper to fit, and place in frame. Poke a hole through center to fit the clock's spindle. Push spindle through; reattach the clock's hands. Hang as shown."

Choosing the right pics was the hardest part..then deciding color, sepia, black and white??..

So whose mom made them take a pic like this!? 

..hard to select only 12..

So I began my clock.. I went through my digital  pics and started a "clock file" Once I had 12, One for each hour, I decided which looked better in which frame, then printed them out. I found various sized frames , in the same style at Walmart. The cost was $1.00 per frame! can you stand it!? The frames are designed for easy pop in and out pics too! The tiny 2x3 frames were found at a dollar store at 2/$1.00.

Back of craft clock requires 1 AA battery

Tah Dah! Here it is!

Each hour is represented by a special memory

At 12 and 6 o'clock... our kid's graduations 
One o'clock... first Disney Vacation
Two o'clock ...   Scooby!
Five and Seven..our baby pics
and so on.....

Before the lettering....

 Each hour is represented by an event in our family's life.  It puts a new spin on "Family Time" The "Family Time" lettering is vinyl. To make your own, choose frames of different sizes but same finishes. I used 2@ 8x10, 4 @5x7,  2 @ 4x6, 4 @2x3, balance out the hours with same frame sizes. A little careful placement of hooks in the wall and the frames can interchange while keeping the hours lined up.  Purchase large clock hands at Jo ann craft stores apx cost for the craft clock was $19.00. Frame cost $12.00.  Overall the project cost was $40.00 The vinyl lettering which I actually recycled from an old project. Additionally, the photos can be themed out too, ie pets, a favorite collection special holiday, .in color, sepia, black and white.. I have a collection of snowmen that I will use next Winter. As I am "ideaing" with you, I,m thinking of changing out for Valentines day...hmmmmmm
Special Thanks to Debbiefor hosting this challenge.
Dear Good Housekeeping, Thanks! Great Idea!
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