Saturday, October 27, 2012

Garden Pinks in Autumn

Although our views are mostly hues of Autumn now , my garden pinks insist they be represented still! Their resilience is to be admired, much like our own. HPS!
Despite dropping temperatures, this old fashioed, fragrant beauty still blooming!

Dur to the mid week UNEXPECTED heat, this Climatis decided to bloom again!

These ever blooming Rugosas make me feel like I can grow roses, tho we know its all them and not me.  

So many floral projects can be made from hydraneas in Autumn..they continue to give!

Clematis Angela, great for fall planting. Flower heads are apx 4-5 inches

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  1. Roses are such hardy plants - I love your pale pink ones! - in my previous yard, they bloomed till December!

  2. lovely roses, I especially like that pink one. .............I also love that pink depression glass. I have started ti collect a few pieces myself. Its so pretty but then I also like the green
    Will be following you


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