Monday, January 16, 2012

Cookie Exchange 2011

Our Cookie Exchange 2011 theme was "Comfort and Joy"

Mixed cookie tins ready for delivery

Adding to the fun we had a secret slipper exchange. Look at those toasty tootsies!
  This year's (11th ) cookie exchange was the least planned yet one of the nicest! The group was 8 this year, a manageable baking for the working girls. Normally, I plan each minute detail , but therewasn't time...just goes to show the party is within the spirit! Altho, good food, and a few touches add to the festivites. I host a cookie exchange with a purpose; each baking elf is asked to bring one extra dozen to donate to our community. Our family, friends , and co-workers are a most generous group. After each exchange my daughter and I make trays, toss on Santa hats, and hitch up the Camry. We deliver them to our seniors..families...shut way of our food bank or other organizations; each year has a different group. many of the "Baking Elves" have returned annually for the event. As a thank you, each guest goes home with an ornament commemorating the theme. Unable to find slippers, I gave feathered angel wings, found at Pier One, with a message that each baker was earning their wings. Then, about every 15 minutes a bell chimed to remind them that their baking efforts was helping bring a little cheer to others. Looking forward to next season.
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 The Menu included:
Beef n Bleu Minis :
 Roast Beef Thin sliced
Saute sweet onions
Mix 1 sm cream cheese, 4T bleu cheese, 2t worchester
assemble and eat warmed or chilled
finger foods with dips, fruited punch
Russian Teacakes

Creme Wafers

Chocolate Pecan Carmel

Ladylocks out of the oven

Belinger Brod