Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hail Storm

 Happy Outdoor Wednesday!
Hail shredded the Hostas
Last week out of nowhere clouds began to form and the television warned a severe thunderstorm was approaching.

Within 3 minutes it was upon us, a wind brew through the street turning Fir trees and Junipers on their sides. We lost one in the front yard. Hail pounded the house and plants were torn to shreds. I worried about the Duck nest in our yard, but she and her 11 eggs are fine.
Hail stones pelted the deck, and the house, Scooby and I ran to the basement..:)
Leaves from every tree in the neighborhood seemed to cover the street, houses, etc. This was a small sampling of the disasters happening this year and we are humbly grateful to be spared.  Only a few days later, the bunnies came back out and the plants began to heal.