Thursday, July 15, 2010

Remembering porches..

     I have been wondering about how porches fell out of vogue during housing designs of the 70's and 80's? They are essential to socialization in neighborhoods. So many memories are connected to the porches of my own childhood.  A visit to Aunt Pauline's house could mean bounce-rocking in one of her vintage shell back metal chairs. Remember those? They were American made , Wormack designed, singular tubing  framing bright colors of red, yellow, turquoise, white. I adored sitting on her porch, in one of those chairs. Aunt Pauline, a beautiful woman, well dressed, energetic, with a gift for hospitality and conversation. When you left, you felt warm and important. Her strong Southern accent made you smile inside, often I would replay her lyrical voice in my head. A Sunday visit was nearly always the case because she lived in town, close to church. That meant dressing up, attending service, then visiting on her porch afterwards. As you walked up the dogs would come out of nowhere to greet you, then scatter as you sat to chat and sip fresh lemonade served in a colorful aluminum tumbler. Remember those?!

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