Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gardening in Spring

Spring is underway! Scooby and I have been busy digging out plants for the Garden Club Plant sale this weekend.So many plants to share..Ostrich Ferns: Sun to Partial shade apx 12-36 inches, Japanese Iris: Sun to Full Shade apx 25 “tall, Gooseneck Loosestrife: sun to shade.. blooms mid to late summer, blooms apx 4 weeks, flowerheads bend…gives the appearance of goose heads willowing in the breeze. Vigorous growth… 2-3 feet tall(One of my favorite mid-late summer plants)Hostas: Part shade to shade… Forget-Me-Nots: Sun to shade, self sown, low to ground. Blue cluster flowers, Yellow Yarrow: Full Sun 24-30” blooms all summer. Don't you just love Pussy Willows: Hardy, grows fast..one of the first to greet Spring..loves sun..loves water.
Bee Balm: (Monarda): Full sun to part shade..up to 4ft..blooms July to late August..
Carl Sedum: Pink, Sun to part shade 15-18” blooms summer to mid fall. late-blooming perennial Attracts the season's last butterflies. Autumn Joy Sedum: salmon flowers, drought tolerant ...first bloom pink and later turns to a burnt color, In spring, pinch them back so they do grow so tall and heavy. Pinching them keeps them more compact and less likely to fall down. Shasta Daisy: prefers full sun, 1-3’ tall, Spiderwort: sun…blooms Spring to mid-summer…l2” purple flowers ,Cat Mint: full Sun.. blooms all Summer..purple flower 12” tall,Pink Perennial Geranium: Sun to part sun.. grows in mounds..blooms July-Sept. If you're free Saturday, come for some great plant deals for your Garden!