Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Summer Road Trip Nebraska Total Eclipse 2017

     This summer areas of the US will be able to experience viewing a total solar eclipse. The last time this occured in the contiguous US was 1979, when there were no blogs, or even internet. We are headed to the cental line of the eclipse in Grand Island, Nebraska. This spot is some 1100 miles from our home in Ohio. Sure there are plenty of closer places to view the moon politely passing in front of the Sun, some even will experience the total darknes of the day,  but we chose Nebraska. Its a great road trip ,we've   never been there, and the Chances for viewing in clear skies are improved the further west you go. I've done a little social media surfing on our destination and have felt embraced by the warmth of the people living in the small towns who are excited to share their corner of the planet strangers who are about to decend upon them, like my husband and myself. 
     Day 1 Ohio to Iowa. The ride to our first stop: 
The rest areas are very nice these days.  Honey we need to get back on the road!
Many interesting things to come across when you drive...
Barn raising: near Shipshewanna

Indiana holds the RV/MH HALL OF FAME.  Pretty cool

Peru??! Did we miss a turn ?! 
Riding side kick affords many times to entertain yourself. Miles of beautiful clouds passed ...look a velociraptor. 

Travelling on I 80 , Once past the craziness of traffic near Chicago, I was surprised at how much farmland fills Illinois . Storms moving in. While they were intense, my husband held the road beautifully, as did the drivers around us. Feeling grateful! 

Finally we crossed over a bridge that crosses the Mississippi, leaving Illinois and entering Iowa. 

Le Claire is apx 10 hours from our departure and about half way to Nebraska, so, we decided to stop an overnight it there. 

Stopped for a fish and chips  on the River  and saw a river boat. Tomorrow exploring the charming town of Le Claire.